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If we haven't yet had the pleasure to meet, a few words should suffice to brush a faithful & vibrant portrait.

Vivacious mademoiselle that loves to eat croissants in bed in the morning and to be creative in the way I make myself forgiven for leaving crumbs all over, my warm smile is the gateway to my bubbly personality. Optimist by nature, if I were a plant I'd surely be a bright sunflower . Up early, I love watching the city wake up - or going for a hike at dawn, a delicious cup of comfort in hand.

Tender epicurean, my search for truth is often translated in touch and taste - a tango of sensations that deserves to be fully embodied.

As a courtesan and private adventure companion, I live to give and this facet of me transfers into my moments of delight. In much the same way, I believe sharing is caring, and love to fully and mindfully give into living pleasure - be it biting into a fresh berry or enjoying a relaxing massage.

I believe in closeness and caring, in caresses and chocolate - dark, and ideally with a pinch of sea salt.


Name: Lorence Vennes
Main City: Vancouver, BC
Sex: Female
Measurements: 34B-26-34
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Age: 27


Rate Session Service Details
400 Roses 1hr Incalls One Hour - Time is precious. Make the most of it.
500 Roses 90min Incalls An Hour and a Half - for the Passionate Soul. Make time to take time.
600 Roses 2hrs Incalls Two Hours - Inhabit the present moment. Let's truly take the time to savor each other's presence.
1000 Roses 4hrs Incalls Four Hours - For the Discerning Bliss Explorer - Enter this oasis of softness and care.


Days Times Location Comments
Wednesday Daytime Incalls Yaletown Station
Friday Mid-Day or Evening Incalls Yaletown Station
Sur-Mesure Simply Ask to set it up (24h notice) Incalls/Outcalls Vancouver



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